Religious Formation

August 20, 2019 

Well, school has begun…and so have religious education classes! As always things were a little hectic, but otherwise seemed to go well, on Sunday last.  But remember classes BEGIN at 9:30am, children should in their classroom and ready to go at 9:30am

Room assignments for this year: PK-4 and Kindergarten R.E. classes are in the two rooms in the main hallway on the right side (as you enter the school). 1st grade R.E. is in the 1st grade room upstairs in the middle room on the left. 3rd grade R.E. is in the 2nd grade room at the end of the hallway on the left. 5th/6th grade R.E. is in the same room as last year, the Spanish room, the last door upstairs on the right. 2nd grade R.E. meets in the St. Michael room of the Family Life Center (FLC). It is the through the double doors and to the left of the gym. 4th grade R.E. is in the St. Thomas Room just down the hall from the 2nd grade R.E. class. 

If you have not yet registered but would like your children in R.E. classes, please come a few minutes early on Sunday morning. We’ll put your child(ren) in class and have you fill out the necessary paperwork. All forms are private and the information is used for emergencies and no personal information is passed on to anyone outside the DRE’s office. 

For the safety of all, your family as well as others, please do not stop in any of the streets in front of or around the church to drop off children. All children should be brought into the building by a parent, older sibling, or grandparent. Please be prompt picking up your children after class. Our catechists are volunteers and many of them do like to attend Mass at 11am. 

Please do not use the driveway in front of the church/school. Handicapped, disabled, and elderly parishioners use this driveway after 8:15am Mass (when class begins) and handicapped, disabled, and elderly parishioners use the driveway before 11am Mass (when classes end). 

Please be respectful of my ambassadors at the school door. Joyce Hopper lets people in, greets people, and guides children to their classes (along with a huge list of other duties). Patrick Donahue is a greeter and safety manager. He will let people know when they are not doing the right thing during drop off and pick up. They are both volunteers and both have your child(ren)’s best interests and safety in mind. 

All the volunteer catechists have a passion for the spiritual well being of the children of the parish. We want them to learn about the Faith, including the Bible and the Sacraments. We try to teach them about having a relationship with Jesus, but we cannot do any of this without the cooperation of the parents. Thank you so much for trusting us with your little ones. 

God Bless, 

Laurann Donahue
Director of Religious Education

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737-4476 ext 108