Next Safe Environment Training

ATTENTION ALL parents, volunteers, and personnel of SPN. If you took SAFE ENVIRONMENT training PRIOR to JUNE 2014, you will need to RETAKE the training. As of last week, the Archdiocese is requiring everyone who works or volunteers with children and/or vulnerable adults, and have not taken the training or took it prior to June 2014, take the training and sign a new Code of Conduct.

If you took the training prior to June 2014, you do not need to fill-out a new application. You will only need to view the video and sign the new Code of Conduct. Both have been revised.

If you have never taken the training, you will need to view the video, fill-out an application, provide three references, agree to a background check, sign a Code of Conduct.

In light of the scandals in the Catholic Church, we all need to be aware and understand our responsibilities when it comes to abuse.

The next Safe Environment training is scheduled on August 22nd at 8:30 a.m., in the St Gregory Room.

Please call Lorna at (405) 737-4476 to schedule your training. If you are not sure when you took your training, you can also ask her.

See the Safe Environment page for more info.