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Wednesday, February 18, is Ash Wednesday, when we begin the “season of preparation” called Lent throughout the world.  The Ash Wednesday liturgy will be celebrated at 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  The ashes, made from palm branches left over from last year, are a symbol of our willingness to prepare for the new life of Easter.  This “period of preparation” is centered around a greater devotion to prayer, a willingness to join our sufferings to those of Christ and an increased generosity to those in need.  This is called: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

In addition to these positive aspects of preparation, the Church calls our attention to the sinfulness of our lives.  We are invited into repentance, the experience of healing, and the reality of forgiveness and reconciliation.

To help us in living this “season of preparation”, there are several liturgical events.

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2015 ADF Appeal

On Sunday, February 1st, we will begin/renew our mission to be a servant to God’s people by starting our journey to become like Jesus Christ and by helping to make possible, through participation in the 2015 ADF Appeal, “Join Me; Our Mission -- Making Disciples”, the ministries that actually support the Archdiocese.

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Consoling the Heart of Jesus - 10 week retreat

Looking for a tried and true way to grow closer to Jesus?  CONSOLING the HEART of JESUS  retreat combines the traditional wisdom of the St Ignatius Spiritual Exercises with the powerful message of God's Divine Mercy, His greatest attribute.  God loves YOU beyond anything you can possibly imagine and during this 10-week retreat you come to know and love Him better.

Groups will meet Tuesday afternoons (1 to 2:30 pm) beginning January 20th and Thursday evenings (6:30pm - 8 pm) beginning January 22nd.  Even if you aren't able to attend every session, the retreat is achievable and make-up opportunities are available.  The retreat is an excellent way to prepare for Lent, Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday. 

Cost is only $25; babysitting and scholarships are available on request.  For more info and to register, contact Peggy Browne 737-4476 by Jan. 10 to allow time to order materials.

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St. Martin's Cemetery Page 1 of 2

Revised Oct 7

Many people expressed strong interest in plots and pairs of plots, and so far no one has asked for something wanted by another.  Sales have been strong and steady. For assistance in selecting a plot,  call the church office and they or Larry Hopper will help you.   A Cemetery Map shows the plots, but you must see Larry or visit the office to see which are available.  Lots numbered in red are currently being sold, those numbered in blue are in a wooded area to be sold later.  Orange and green shaded areas indicate walkways and areas reserved for the altar, Columbarium, and trees.

We are now accepting payments!  Plots are $500 each (no tax), please call the church office before you come down or mail in a check.

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