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Bingo! New Date


New Date! Saturday, December 6, 6:00pm - 8:30pm in Felician Hall

$10 for 10 games, $5 BBQ and coleslaw and chips,$3 hotdog and chips, $1 pop

Donations for raffle prizes would be super if you cannot attend or even if you can attend.

Your blessings could very well be returned 10 fold. Call Alicia Figueroa at 503-8748.

All proceeds go to this year’s Parish Dinner on December 14th.

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Walk to Jerusalem - Strengthening Body, Mind & Soul Page 1 of 2

The Walk to Jerusalem is a 6884 mile journey from  Midwest City to Jerusalem.

On our journey, we will travel across this great country, make our way over the Atlantic Ocean and travel through the Northern parts of the African Continent to our destination, Jerusalem.

Our Goal is to improve movement and increase aerobic activity, improve healthy eating by increasing intake of fruits and vegetables and water and improve spiritual wellbeing by increasing daily prayer and meditation as well as Mass attendance of the Congregation.

Each week, beginning August 10, record your miles. We have 16 weeks, until December 6, to meet our goal. Miles can be accumulated for physical activity, healthy eating, and spiritual activity.

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Catholic Charities 2014 Appeal Page 1 of 2

Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City 2014 Annual Appeal is underway.  Catholic Charities serves nearly 19,000 clients throughout the Archdiocese.

To donate, visit or pick up a brochure at the parish office.

Some links on their services:

Letter from the Executive Director of Catholic Charities

Refugee Services: A helping hand in a new country

Regional Services: Building a network of service in Oklahoma's panhandle

Regional Services: Villanova residents establish neighborhood watch program

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St. Martin's Cemetery Page 1 of 2

Revised Oct 7

Many people expressed strong interest in plots and pairs of plots, and so far no one has asked for something wanted by another.  Sales have been strong and steady. For assistance in selecting a plot,  call the church office and they or Larry Hopper will help you.   A Cemetery Map shows the plots, but you must see Larry or visit the office to see which are available.  Lots numbered in red are currently being sold, those numbered in blue are in a wooded area to be sold later.  Orange and green shaded areas indicate walkways and areas reserved for the altar, Columbarium, and trees.

We are now accepting payments!  Plots are $500 each (no tax), please call the church office before you come down or mail in a check.

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